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Buštěhrad is a small briskly developing town in Central Bohemia at 322 metres above sea level, 22 km NW of Prague and 5 km from Kladno. It was established on an extraordinary geological basement, on a territory that has been settled for thousands of years. Exceptional personalities and events of the Czech as well as European history formed the rich story of our town’s past. Living in Buštěhrad is a wonderful mix of town and country life combining the advantages of both living in a residential town with those of living in the country.

The town offers its residents a kindergarten, elementary and art school, public library, social and cultural centre, medical and social services, Nursing Home, post office, playgrounds and sport facilities, shops, restaurants, and other convenient civic amenities.

Owing to its immediate proximity of Prague and Kladno, Buštěhrad has not long ago become extremely attractive for housing development. Subsequently, the number of people living here has been rapidly growing due to the recent influx of new inhabitants and in 2020 reached the number of about 3500 residents.

A prominent place in the well-preserved historical heart of the picturesque town offering plentiful monuments and places of interest, is certainly kept by the baroque Chateau with its park, the former brewery and the two ponds dominating the centre bellow the Old Castle – a very unique quarter of the town originating in the 17th century when new houses were built in between the walls of the by that time nearly disappeared Medieval castle – once being one of the largest in the country.

History lovers will definitely be pleased with our outdoor display The Trail through the History of Buštěhrad. Tired and hungry tourists may happily enjoy great food and hospitality of our restaurants and youngest visitors will certainly cheer up having fun on our three playgrounds. The town and its local communities together with many enthusiastic citizens regularly organize a wide range of interesting cultural, social and sport events and traditions for everyone. An event that has recently created a new tradition is Bushfest, the open-air music festival supporting the story of Buštěhrad Chateau renewal. Buštěhrad may also be proud of its own group of amateur theatre performers Kix, a mixed quire or a voluntary fire brigade.

Thanks to all these facts and the advantageous location close to our capital Prague, city Kladno and Prague Airport, there are excellent transportation services making Buštěhrad an easy to reach destination. It only takes 30 minutes by bus and underground to get here from the centre of Prague, 15 minutes on a bus from the centre of Kladno and tiny 15 minutes from the airport. Up-to-date information on public transportation may be found on www.vlak-bus.cz or www.dpp.cz/en

You may get here on a bike as well: Buštěhrad offers an interesting terrain with unusual views to the open countryside, esp. in direction to České Středohoří. It is also great for walking or geocaching.

Due to its interesting history and numerous sights forming a very romantic neighbourhood to both, the Old almost disappeared castle, as well as the new baroque chateau, Buštěhrad is predestined to become a place of interest and a much sought-after tourist attraction.