Welcome to Buštěhrad!

Buštěhrad is a small town in Central Bohemia in the Kladno district. The last census reports the total number of people in Buštěhrad as 2295 (31. 12. 2003), but these days the number is rapidly growing due to influx of new inhabitants. The town is connected to a natural gas supply and a new sewer system. The sewage treatment plant should be finished by the end of the year.

Because of the proximity to Prague and Kladno, there are excellent transportation services, so Buštěhrad became very attractive for housing development.

Living in Buštěhrad is a nice mix of town and country life. The town offers shopping, medical and sport facilities, kindergarten and elementary school, art school, post office, cultural centre, public library, seniors housing, and many other facilities.

Due to its interesting history, Buštěhrad has recently become a tourist attraction. Among european antique collectors, Buštěhrad is well-known for its "collector's market" of historical items.



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Czech Republic

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